Briar Ross performance &
Waiheke island
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just do it
do it again
and win
Fly me to
the moon
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fly me to the moon


more jazz from briar ross


I hope the listener enjoys this selection of tunes Ihave chosen for my 4th album.Apart from the title track, Fly Me To The Moon, most might not be well known but they are all such great songs that I know they will soon become familiar favourites.They might be described as musicians tunes.

I am thrilled to be backed again on this album by Julie Mason and Phil Broadhurst on piano, Frank Gibson on drums along with Alberto Santarelli on base with guests,Lance Su'a guitar, Murry Tanner trumpet, Roger Mannins sax and Matt Baker on piano also on some tracks

The album is dedicated to my mother Bernice .


Fly Me To The Moon

  1. It's The Mood That I'm In
  2. Fly Me To The Moon
  3. Maybe You'll Be There
  4. Wild Is Love
  5. Weaver Of Dreams
  6. Where Are You?
  7. Sunday Kind Of Love
  8. How Deep Is The Ocean
  9. This Heart Of Mine
  10. I'm Through With Love
  11. All The Way
  12. All By Myself
  13. If You Were Mine
  14. Talk To Me Baby Tell Me Lies


Sample the Sound of the CD "Fly me to the moon"
It's The Mood That I'm In
Wild Is Love
Sunday Kind Of Love
I'm Through With Love
If You Were Mine